As auditors, we often take notes at meetings or conferences, or while creating do lists and reminders, or while simply noting down our ideas and thoughts. But unfortunately, very few of us are able to convert these notes to actions. With Microsoft OneNote, we can easily convert our notes to actions that drive results.

Record: Anything, Everything, Everywhere:

Digital note taking is not just recording text like we do on our writing pads. We are free to capture information in different ways.

Typing is the traditional way to record information in Office 365 OneNote. By complementing text with audio visual elements such as pictures, videos, audio recordings, screenshots, and drawings, notes become more meaningful and also easy to understand in the future. OneNote can also embed files such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc. and insert related emails for future reference.

Digital notebooks are meant to be used anywhere and on multiple devices (phones, tablets, PC, and browsers). If the device is connected to the internet, the digital notebooks would consistently sync and ensure that your notes available on a real time basis across all devices and to everyone with whom you have shared the notebook.


Organise & Tag:

Microsoft OneNote gives the flexibility to organize the notes as we desire. We can create different notebooks for varied purposes. Each notebook can be divided into section groups, sections, pages and sub-pages. Sub-pages are a convenient way to split a long page. We may choose to move or copy the note to another notebook as required.

Tagging our notes is as important as recording the notes. Tags can create markers for us and for those with whom we collaborate. Notes can be tagged as important, urgent, for review, to do, etc. Tagging notes can reduce time to retrieve the information of a particular characteristic. Tags can also be used to highlight certain notes and initiate workflow.


Search: Retrieve when required:

The search functionality helps us to find information when we need it. Just enter a search term in the search bar, and the app would identify all instances of that term instantaneously either from a single notebook or all notebooks at your discretion. We can enhance our ability to search if we import files including pictures and PDFs as searchable text. Notes hand written using stylus can also be converted to searchable text.


Share & Collaborate:

The best advantage of Office 365 OneNote is the ability to share and collaborate. Sharing the notebook gives other team members the ability to co-author the contents on a real time basis. Take an instance where you and your colleagues attend a conference and make notes in a single digital notebook. By doing so, all the information is recorded at one place where everyone can refer to. You may also share single pages with others such as clients by email.


Assign tasks and initiate Workflows:

Often we make notes that serve as a reminder to assign work to someone else. We may choose to assign such tasks by creating an Outlook task directly from notebook. Consider the case where your subordinate makes some notes and subsequently creates an Outlook task from the notebook requesting for your review and inputs. An icon is inserted within the Outlook tasks that links the task directly to the section within the notebook. On completion of the review, you may create an additional Outlook task again directly from the notebook giving your comments and suggestions.

Microsoft OneNote has several advantages that can be used to enhance your note taking experience and bring better results for your CPA firm.

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