WinGold Next

WinGold Next is an ERP designed specifically for Jewellery Industry. It is easy to use, windows based client server software. It offers a comprehensive solution for accounting, point of sales, inventory and manufacturing process needs of jewellers. WinGold Next caters to Jewellers of all size and type.

WinGold Next is generic

It can be set up to suit specific business needs. It consists of specific modules taking care of Gold Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Precious Stones, Loose Diamonds and Watches. WinGold Next is exhaustive yet flexible, thereby giving the freedom to setup transactions, forms and reports as per business process needs.

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Wingold Next Features


  • Application Highlights
  • Technical Highlights
  • Business Entity Highlights

Application Highlights

  • Windows Presentation Foundation Technology
  • Easy-to-use and Familiar Microsoft Application Interface
  • Business Line wise Modular Architecture
  • Standardized User Interface
  • Codeless Accounting
  • Complete Book keeping at lowest Business Entity level
  • Inventory Tracking & reporting with Multiple Attributes
  • Flexible Voucher Numbering
  • Screen level User-defined fields
  • User-defined short cuts
  • User-defined Report Viewing
  • User Defined Dashboards
  • User defined Alerts
  • Field Tips for the operation
  • Standard and Self Defined Help
  • Screen level attachment of Sticky Notes and Documents
  • Export / Import facility with Microsoft Excel
  • Report Scheduler

Technical Highlights

  • Microsoft .Net Technology
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Workflow Technology
  • Open XML Technology
  • Windows Presentation Foundation Technology

Business Entity Highlights

  • Multi Group
  • Multi Company
  • Multi Branch
  • Multi Division
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Stock Point

Wingold Next Modules

ERP Management


  • Role based User Security
  • Period Locking Facility
  • Automated Year-End Process Control
  • Audit Trail

System Administration

  • License Control
  • Installation Control
  • Version Control
  • Client Development Control

Backup Utility

  • Auto Scheduled Backup
  • Incremental Backup
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Disaster Recovery

Regional Setting

  • Regional Language Setting (Arabic, Hindi, Chinese Etc.)
  • Regional Currency Setting
  • Regional User Interface
  • Audit Trail

Consolidated Data Warehousing

  • OLAP Cube Control
  • Data Normalization Log
  • Third Party Integration

Report Setup

  • Report Scheduler
  • Report E-mailing
  • Report Viewing Templates

Business Management

Gold Jewellery

  • Gold Fix & Unfix Transaction
  • Gold Receipt & Payment Transaction
  • Gold Quantity Journals
  • Jewellery Manufacturing (Production & Consumption)
  • Serialized Jewellery Control
  • Gram wise & Piece wise Stock Control
  • Automatic Calculation for Purity Difference
  • Physical Stock Verification with Barcode Scanner/ PDA
  • Old Gold Management
  • Gold Movement & Gold Average Costing (Fixing Position)

  • Own Stock Analysis
  • Gold & Making Stock Valuation
  • Making Charges Analysis
  • Item Wise Party Wise Making Profit Analysis
  • Net Exposure Wise Ledger, Trial Balance & Analysis
  • Monthly Grams & Making Charge Analysis for Sales & Purchase
  • Item Wise, Category Wise & Jewellery Wise Stock Ledger
    • And many more…

    Diamond Jewellery

    • Unique Serial Number Concept
    • Purchase & Sales Transactions
    • Consignment In/Out/Clear and Return Transaction
    • Transaction Entry by Import/Export from/to Excel
    • Stock Verification with Bar Code Scanner or PDA and Missing List with Images
    • Automatic Price updation

    • Multi-Dimensional Stock, Sales & Profit Analysis
    • Cost Range Wise Stock, Sales & Profit Analysis
    • Supplier Wise Stock Register
    • Consignment Stock Party Wise Register
    • Design Wise Stock, Sales & Profit Analysis
    • All Voucher With Images
    • User Defined Catalog & Slide Show
      • And many more…


      Precious Stone Business

      • 4Cwise stock control
      • Additional attributes for certified diamond
      • Purchase & Sales Transactions
      • Consignment In/Out/Clear and Return Transaction
      • Transaction Entry by Import/Export from/to Excel

        • Split & Mix, Issue to Workshop
        • Automatic Price Updation
        • Multi-Dimensional Stock, Sales & Profit Analysis
        • Cost Range Wise Stock, Sales & Profit Analysis

        And many more…

      Financial and Banking Management

      Financial & Banking Management

      • Account Receivable
      • Account Payable
      • Intercompany transactions
      • Cash & Bank Management
      • Bank & Account reconciliation
      • PDC Management
      • Patty Cash management

      • General Ledger& Aging analysis
      • Financial Statement with drill down facility
      • Net Exposure analysis
      • Instant inquiries
      • Consolidation
      • Cost Center
      • Budgeting

      Retail Management

      Point of Sales

      • Easy to use interface & Easy to Learn
      • Fast Lookups
      • Sales, Sales Return, Advance (Order) transactions
      • Hold & Void transaction
      • User defined touch screen panel
      • Suggestion Selling
      • Multiple Collection Mode (Enter all collection details here)
      • View product & customer pictures.
      • Enabled retail devices (such as bar code and credit card readers, customer display, cash drawer, weighing Scale, Receipt Printer etc.)
      • End of day register & reconciliation
        • And many more…

        Customer Relationship Management

        • Customer database (including Birthday, Anniversary, Relationship, Spouse Information)
        • Customer history
        • Purchasing history & Payment history
        • Customer comments
        • Customer/ salesperson history
        • Standard discounts & Special pricing

          • Targeted mailing lists
          • Envelope & label printing
          • Facebook & Twitter integration
          • Loyalty Rewards program – points tracking, variable rates of points dependent on customer or inventory categories.

          And many more…

        Manufacturing Unit Management


        • Suitable for small, medium and large scale manufacturing units
        • Directly link with Customer Advance Receipt, Sales Order
        • User defined Processes
        • User defined process Sequences
        • Design Master with component details with Images (Actual & Sketch)
        • Production planning
        • Job Card & Sub Job Card (Multiple items in Single Job Card)
        • Metal Issue & Metal Issue Return
        • Stone Issue & Stone Issue Return
        • Final Production
        • Facility to Keep Gold Position on Fix or Unfix Gold Rate
        • Department/Worker/Job/Process wise Inventory Control
        • Stone / Zircon / Metal issue and return Stone Consumption Report
        • Definable Labor charges / Standard Loss on each process
        • Range locking for labor charges / Losses on each process
        • Production Time Analysis – Worker/Job/Process wise
        • Broken Stone Inventory Control
        • Gold Loss control

        Inquiry & Reports

        • Multi-dimensional Analysis for Manufacturing
        • Instant inquiry for Job tracing
        • Job Register with Multiple Grouping
        • Production Register with Multiple Grouping
        • Production Report (Item Wise)
        • Process Transaction Register
        • Job Ledger with Grouping

        • Material Consumption Report with Grouping
        • Sales Order Register
        • Pending Job Register
        • Gold Loss Analysis
        • Voucher Printing For all Transactions with Images
        • Worker/Job wise Stone Setting Report

        Management Reports

        Management Information System (MIS)

        • Report on Inventory, Customers, Suppliers, Sales, Financials and Analysis Reports
        • Supplier Performance Analysis
        • Return on Investment Analysis
        • Ratio Analysis
          • And many more…


          Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

          • Real-Time reporting
          • Graphical reporting with gauge and graphs & tables
          • Select criteria for report & fields to display on report
          • Easy-to-use query based reports
          • What if Analysis
            • And many more…


            Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

            • Purchase Indicators
            • Sales Target Indicators
            • Expense Budget Indicators
            • Margin Indicators
            • Business Indicators
              • And many more…


              Retail (MIS) Reports

              • Sales and Profitability Analysis
              • Store Operations Analysis
              • Customer Analysis
              • Stock and Inventory Optimization
              • Exception Reporting
                • And many more…


                Plug-ins Management


                • Customized Barcode Printing
                • Multi Format Barcode Tag Printing
                • Multiple Barcode Printer Configuration
                • PDT Integration
                • Physical Stock Verification

                Weighing Scale

                • Weighing Scale Integration
                • Weighing Scale Data Configuration

                RFID Management

                • RFID Tag Commissioning
                • HF/UHF Tag Integration
                • USB/Bluetooth Scanner Configuration
                • Active/Passive Tagging
                • Physical Stock Verification

                Jewellery Certificate

                • Multiple Format Jewellery Certificate
                • Customized Jewellery Certificate
                • Jewellery Certificate with Barcode


                • User Defined Catalogue Format and Templates
                • Catalogue in Excel/PDF/XPS/HTML
                • Catalogue with Barcode
                • Smart Catalogue
                • Jewellery Slide Show
                • Query Based Catalogue

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