Competition in the retail industry is intense, so make use of ARI to stay on top of the curve. Manage your retail business in a more advance way than your competitors. Do business easily with 360° view of everything.

Smooth and easy operation is the key


Operate both online and offline with ARI POS – it works non-stop even if connection is down, so that your business is not disrupted. Any updates you want to make, just do it on the fly and do not need to close down your business for even a moment. With ARI, nothing can stop your smooth operation of your retail store.

ARI POS can work on any hardware – be it desktop, laptop, iPad or tablet – you name it, we have it. As it is touchscreen-enabled, it’s intuitive to use and helps you save time on training your staff. When it comes to flexibility, ARI POS wants you to do your business in the way you want. So choose from multiple payment methods, refund methods, discount methods and scanning methods to run your retail business.


Gain new customers


Attract customers with vouchers and gift cards. Let new-comers try out your products by giving them small incentive to spend. Easily print vouchers from ARI POS; sell, track, redeem, reuse your gift cards, vouchers and even mobile vouchers. You have the full control and a clear view of the entire process.

Create a new customer account right on the spot with ARI POS. Whenever a customer wants to join your membership program, create his/her account directly at the POS. Afterwards, easily issue and redeem loyalty points.


Manage your customers


At ARI POS, your staff will never be confused about your loyalty program. He/she can easily check for customers’ point balance, membership level, redemption, purchases etc. You can easily manage your customer database centrally with ARI and understand current trends and preferences.

Record all information about your customers to have an all-round view. Link sales to their profiles and look at their purchase history, frequency of visits, spending habits etc., to determine what kind of promotions to run that can attract more spending.


360° view of your inventory


As your store uses ARI POS, your staff can check for stocks availability in other stores and also look out for product attributes. Easily track items based on location, counter, department, supplier, barcode, RFID and keypad entry. Facing customers’ enquiries, your staff know what the item is and where the item is. Never lose a sale just because of insufficient information your staff can access to.

With ARI, you can manage your unique product set to provide what your customers like. Find out your best-selling and fast-selling items, receive real-time insights on current trends, understand customers’ behaviour and many more using ARI.


Seamless integration


Data are integrated centrally so that no confusion will arise – no duplication of data or double entry required. You can have a clear view of your entire business with ARI, and decide on your next strategy.

Furthermore, ARI can be integrated with other applications that you are already using, such as other ERP systems, accounting applications, e-commerce sites, business reporting and other web programs. With ARI, you get the best of both worlds.

With such seamless integration, ARI also allows you to start doing business everywhere and manage multiple store locations. Using ARI’s advanced search function, access whatever information you want from the entire database within seconds. As you view real-time information of your business, you can provide advice to your staff/employees anytime anywhere, even if you are not physically present to supervise them.

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