As per recent changes in the shopping trends, it is seen that happy customers will pay more for a better experience. Eventually the pressure is on retailers to increase sales and for that to happen they need to provide customers memorable experience because they can’t compete on the basis of products or price for a long time. As many retailers offer the similar products, retailers need to improve checkout experiences like try to reduce hassle at checkout points or keep enough inventory available etc.

Moreover, people nowadays can purchase same products online, they get coupons from your competitors, and they even compare prices over phones. So to earn the loyalty of customers, so they don’t go to your competitors, it is important to offer them more than just products. The happier they are, the more chances they will suggest your store services to others. Naturally your sale will increase, as word of the mouth plays a vital role.

Creating such experience for customers is not tough if you consider these points:

1. Try approchability:

If a customer approaches you and you can solve the problem it will be in your favor, but what about those customers who don’t approach you? How will you get to understand their problems or issues?

To curb this issue we need to implement few trick:

  • Have a dress code for your staff like blue shirt or red coat or anything which is suitable to you. This way customers will know to whom they should approach for asking assistance.
  • Appoint a person to welcome the customers at front door of the store.
  • Instruct your staff to personally lead the customers instead of giving directions.

This way you can reach to those silent customers who don’t express their problems. This will enable you to understand them better and reduce the complaints.

2. Try to achieve simplicity:

Try to avoid negative surprises, like a product going out of stock or outdated price. Because this leads to negative response from customers side. It is pretty obvious that to satisfy them you need to meet their expectations. This will earn their trust and make them your loyal customer.

If any product of yours is available online it should be available in store at the same price. This will remove any chance of confusion or surprise.

3. Try implementing new technology:

Checkout line tend to be long and this leads to frustrated customers which in turn drives them away even if they want to purchase a product. With the advancement in the field of technology you can take help of mobile POS devices which will enable you to attend customers even without a queue. You can provide such devices to your staff so they can provide instant service to customers.

The crux is to find a way to provide a memorable experience to customers by removing any kind of problems they face.

4. Try taking action on feedback:

It takes years to build the image and in only minutes it gets flushed down the drain if the service provided is not up to the mark. To earn the trust and loyalty of customers you need to strive constantly to look for ways to enhance the service. Have a feedback counter where customers can explain their issues.