The hospitality industry is one of the biggest service industry known and needless to say, the biggest one that brings money and provide jobs to many. Hospitality chains need to be prepared to manage increasing numbers of customers due to their many branches and companies. In such situations it gets important for them to maintain a healthy communication with their various customers.

Many hotels work on the grounds of different solutions before implementing hospitality management firm’s solutions. In such cases it gets crucial for such firms to have a consistent and reliable solution to offer to hotels.

At Web Masters, we have studied why hospitality management firms need consulting services regarding Microsoft office 365 and how they can benefit from the same. We would focus on one of the foremost issue faced by them i.e. internal collaboration and social networking.

Before deployment of Office 365 any hospitality chains faces issues regarding collaboration because of high numbers of branches which work independently. So it’s crucial for them to unify their communication and collaboration systems under a single cloud based service. This will result in increase in the overall efficiency of the group leading to timely upgrades of the services and IT environment.

Various functionalities of office 365 which proved beneficial to such groups are mentioned below:

With Skype for Business, it is possible to conduct virtual staff meetings conveniently. Yammer provides a better medium to socialize and communicate through staff of different hotels and solve common issues and share best solutions. SharePoint Online allows staff to work on the same document despite being at different locations, this in turn improves the efficiency. Another great approach to collaborate on document is by Office web apps.

By the use of real-time co-authoring, staff of different hotels can contribute and edit documents in the Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App or Excel Web App. New real-time presence will help them see where their co-authors are working in the document to avoid any kind of conflicts while editing.

Moreover, the added feature to view changes made to text and formatting as they happen live will help the co-authors get the ideas others want to convey. Office Web Apps now save as you go, your team’s edits are included and seen as they happen.

Office Web Apps which is a feature of Office 365 so far has been the best alternative to Office. They are in reality the online version of the office applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote files which enhances the experience of usage of office which you can use anytime anywhere.

Take working experience to next level

Office provides great tools to make the whole working experience whether from Web, Desktop, a Windows tablet, a mobile device, online or offline medium meaningful. For instance, your whole staff decides to conduct a highly collaborative meeting to work in the Web Apps to get a project done together. And if by some means one of the colleague is not present, in such situation that team-mate can decide to revise the document as per his time. The changes made by him will sync automatically to the document on the cloud when he saves it.

If that colleague wants to work offline, he can continue to do so and when he get online his changes will be synced to the original document which can be viewed by the team.

What else is included

Apart from co-authoring features, firms can take advantage of updated Web Apps too. In Word Web App, you will be provided formatting controls for polished documents. You will be provided some new features like ability to find and replace words and phrases, apply styles and formatting to tables, insert headers and footers for more professional reports and papers.

In Excel Web App, the added feature is the ability to drag and drop cells and reorder sheets. You can also get an analysis of the data present in the status bar, including sum, count and average of a selected range of cells. With the latest updates you can work on spreadsheets that have sheet protection.

In PowerPoint Web App, there is new functionality of cropping the picture which gives you more control of the visuals in your presentations. And if your staff wishes to manage their files online in a better or modernized manner they can name their files within the editing window of PowerPoint Web App, and across other Office Web App.