It’s obvious that every business would like to close more sales and increase profit. But with the increase in competition, it’s critical for your sales representative to be more productive. So the question arises how can you do this? What efforts can you do to help your staff? How can they close more deals?

Here, CRM comes into the scene. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been proved to be one of the biggest productivity tool for sales. Your sales rep can work efficiently by managing their time and leads.

For all your problems Sales feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the solution.

Sales by Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft provides a comprehensive and intuitive solution that focus on helping sales rep deliver amazing experience to their customers and stay productive at the same time.

CRM Helps You to Stay Focused and Build Trust

We have witnessed change among customers and how they interact with the business. Nowadays customers are connected via digital media and carry on their own research. In such cases your sales reps need to be able to make deep relationships with the clients to understand their requirements and provide better experience. CRM provides the necessary insight, direction and tools to your sales staff to carry out the work efficiently. This way they can concentrate on right customers and devote their precious time on prioritizing their needs. They would collaborate better with their colleagues and win trust of customers eventually.

Manage Opportunities with Clear Vision

Your sales staff can manage customers at one place with accurate 3rd party firmographics, news and events. These information can be obtained by Insight which is feature of Microsoft powered by InsideView. Further you also get features that helps you to study the steps to be taken, by UI which is an embedded business process. You can get overview of daily activities by Cortana.

Sell Effectively by Strengthening the Relationships

You can use Microsoft Social Engagement tool to find more leads by observing the signals and further create leas of your own on social posts. It also helps you to get a print of social activities analysis of trends. You can also increase response rates by reaching out to new contacts through mutual connections surfaced by Insights, powered by InsideView.

Planning and Management

You can boost the confidence of your sales rep through innovative and fun team-based competitions using FantasySalesTeam by Microsoft. You can manage the business processes to align it with sales with the help of strategies, and standardize customer engagement.

Generate Personalized Content

You can generate tailored sales documents as a team with automatic document generation and real-time co-authoring. You can also manage relevant content or CRM documents across SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, and OneDrive with Delve for the business.

Mobile Sales Helps You to Manage CRM Anywhere at Anytime

The secret ingredient for any sales success is being on right time at right place. And to have the adequate customer data to be on right time, you need to log in every interaction you had with client into CRM system. For the above, Microsoft offers a feature to manage data using intuitive natural language voice commands to create new records, schedule meetings, set reminders and find information and all this is available both online and offline.

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