Irrespective of the size of the company, CRM has proved to be beneficial to everybody in establishing deeper connections with the customers. Investment on software for a big organization is not an issue as much it is for small scale company. They factor many points in mind like the technology should be affordable, should be resourceful, not so complicated, should be able to fulfill the business requirements, ease of deployment and maintenance.

All this because a small enterprise doesn’t own servers and hardware or IT people of its own;  simply because of the fact they can’t dispose of large chunks of money for first installments. They have very specific and tailored processes designed for sales and marketing. And given below are few points that can help small company owners in deciding the best CRM solution.

Break Free From Outdated Approaches

CRM is free of the hassles created due to installment and maintenance of bulky software which could be afforded by large companies only. Same is not the case when it comes to CRM; today’s CRM systems are technologically advanced and user-friendly and come in variety of solutions which can be designed to address the specific needs of the business. Technologies have emerged at such scale that the even the software has shifted from domain to cloud. And exactly here the small scale companies should look for their CRM system.

Hassle-free installation

It is generally witnessed that people fear about the complex installation processes of any software but CRM is devoid of such IT troubles. The modern Cloud based CRM system only need an internet connection once you sign in and use it. No need to pay for hardware or server or software maintenances or an IT person.


One of the best feature of cloud based CRM is day-and-night accessibility whenever and wherever required. One can always stay connected to the main database, gaining flexibility and freedom.

Easy to use

Nothing can get easier than cloud based CRM, because one only needs to buy a month based software package and log in with access codes. The only thing to care about is fast internet connection at all times.  As to system maintenance, it is provided by the vendor and accompanied by a wide range of self-service online services.

Within your means product

Small scale industries do not invest money on first time installments, instead they prefer smaller installments. And this is another reason why Cloud CRM solution is optimal for small organizations. There is minimum upfront investment associated with cloud CRM which reduces the risk of purchasing the bulky software. Apart from this there are no hidden costs like hardware cost or licenses fees.

Optimum security

Needless to say the security is of biggest concern for anybody using cloud based services. And this is the reason companies which provide CRM as cloud based service take security issue very seriously. And the security services provided by these companies are of optimum level as compared to services provided by a local IT room. Not only security they also provide automatic back-up policies and clear data recovery plans if breach happens.

Reliable operation

If the system on which a small scale industry relies crashes, there will be total financial collapse. But this can be avoided with cloud based CRM because everything will have multiple replacements on the cloud. This way the chances of disruptions will reduce.

Tailored updates

It’s obvious that a small enterprise will grow with time and the features or modules required by then would also change. A cloud based CRM system can be updated instantly as per the requirement of the industry. And what can be better than owning a product that is tailored for your needs?

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