Maximize opportunities to win and keep customers

In a connected world, delivering a great customer experience is more essential than ever. What your customer experiences is what helps you differentiate your business, build loyalty, and maintain your reputation. This is where CRM solutions come in, but often smaller businesses find CRM daunting—they think it’s only for big companies and too complex for their needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can win customers and keep them happy with an easy-to-use solution designed to help businesses of virtually any size to maximize opportunities, boost mobile productivity, and make better-informed decisions.

Dynamics CRM Online works seamlessly with familiar tools like Office 365, so employees can make true customer relationship management a part of their day-to-day activities—scheduling meetings, sending emails, and connecting for online conferences. It is also hosted by Microsoft, so you can focus on your business and your customers—not the technology that helps you serve them.

With Dynamics CRM Online, you:

  • Make it easy for everyone in your organization to get the information they need to deliver great customer experiences.
  • Boost productivity by empowering your sales and service employees to do their best work from virtually anywhere.
  • Get visibility into your organization to make informed decisions and grow your business.

Dynamics CRM Online is also affordable. Its enterprise-class cloud infrastructure is maintained by Microsoft and keeps your solution secure and reliable with minimal IT support.

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