The much talked about CRM software offers the features that are helpful to organizations in managing customer relationship better. But managing customers is not the sole aim; modernizing the processes, saving resources and increasing revenue and productivity also needs attention. But the above is easier said than done, and that’s why it is observed that the major reason why big companies ace failed CRM projects because of the acceptance of CRM by its people.

Sales people and CRM

The paybacks of using CRM software are immense like greater customer retention rates, better attainment of quotas among team and among individual sales reps as well. But sales reps do not understand the importance of CRM initially, instead they dislike it because CRM system requires them to change their work routines.

The key ingredient to achieve success for any sale representative is working with people as per most sales reps and thus they dislike working with software and logging information into CRM system. In this post we will debunk such myths regarding usage of CRM systems by sales reps.

Paper is simple to use

Sales reps love working the traditional way using spreadsheets and pen/ notepad, but remembering the tiny detail you told to clients is not an easy task. You need to be well prepared with information about what you promised your clients. You need to remember to take follow ups which is not as easy as finding a phone number or prospect’s name on notepad.

In today’s ever growing competitive world a simple phone call don’t help sales reps win a customers plus one can’t afford to spend so much time. The way people communicate with each other have changed beyond phone calls and meetings. Along with mails and attachments and SMS people focus on social media posts too. All these information can be stored in your CRM system which will help you while remembering things.

Entering information is wastage of time

Sales is all about being quick. And the maintenance of data could be hindrance to them. You just need to enter your plans about what you’ve done or would do in the system. And in response CRM system would store all your information, contacts and activities and sales templates in one place for you for future reference from anywhere. Because the time taken while entering information is lesser compared to other work sales reps do.

CRM is excessively complex to use

One of the most common myths about CRM is, sale reps think one needs a degree in IT to use CRM.  But most of the cloud based CRM system aim at simplifying the process as per everybody’s needs. You need to learn the basics and move to advance features once you start using system better.

Threat to data of leads

Sales people tend to be highly conscious about their leads information and they are not so comfortable with the idea of sharing these details. And that is why it is important to know that keeping the information about such leads won’t prove beneficial if they are given poor service or lack of attention. CRM doesn’t take away the leads from the sales rep but it helps convert them into happy customers.

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