Attracting new business and retaining current business has long been the aim of all retailers. But gone are the days when retailers managed their business smoothly. These days, retailers face immense competition not only from merchants in general but also from ecommerce websites which makes it easier for customers to find deals or alternatives.

To counter the competition, retailers resort to offering huge deals but heavy discounting which can hurt their bottom line severely. The better idea would be to try innovative ways which can add value to products and services-to grow revenue, retain customers, and remain competitive.

To understand the matter better we need to understand why customer purchase expensive products from other mediums. Naming few reasons: products can be bought easily, short arrival time, status, less possession cost, welcoming customer service.

To edge out the above points to improve sales quality retailers can take the following measures:

Convenient and fast shopping experience

A good chunk of customers nowadays are extremely busy and whoever fulfills their order quickly, they turn in that direction; even if it means paying more money. This is the reason your efforts should be towards faster order fulfillment services.

But you should also keep in mind that just fulfilling orders quickly is not the aim. Along with it, you need to provide quick assistance to consumers because this will make sure they shop with you and don’t change their mind. You can do this by providing them with the right tools and technologies. For instance, a sturdy CRM solution will be handy to you and your staff to access customers purchase histories and personal information, so your staff can handle customers as soon as possible. This way customers don’t have to wait for their turn in shops.

Increase your guarantees and reliability

People want to feel they are in good hands while shopping. Providing them with right guarantee could be the right thing to do, to make them feel good about their purchase.

You can provide them with strong guarantees like money back policy, change of product if found fragmented or extended deadline for returns. Some other points can be like unbeatable customer service and brand credibility. You can show off certificates and awards in your store to earn trust of customers for reliability.

All about customer service

Speaking of the above, one can easily say customer service plays a pivotal role in defining competitors, that’s why it’s significant to invest in a strong customer service strategy.

The first step is to arm your staff with the technologies that would enable them to serve customers in the best possible way.

Moreover, take good care of your staff because satisfied employees make satisfied customers. You also need to effectively train your staff so that everyone executes your customer service strategy properly. You can also train your staff to engage clients cordially so they don’t feel neglected.

Change perception of your brand

Sometimes value changes as per people’s perception of the product. You can make efforts to apply different angles to improve the brand value of products. Or you can share stories regarding some products which will create curiosity among customers. The crux is to add extra features to your item, for example, when manufacturing automotive parts, a high-performing product will provide the customer base with basic benefits, while adding spare parts, technical assistance, and skill training will offer enhanced properties to create a total package with increased appeal to consumers. This will change the perception of clients over the time and will help you to stand among your competitors.

Incorporate an innovative approach

Nowadays shoppers have numerous option to choose from, so it is important to apply an innovative approach or different angle to improve sales quality. You might think providing a large amount of items to choose from will win the war for you, but that’s not the case. What you should instead do is compete through creative and thoughtful assortments, and establish yourself as a specialist that consumers can trust. You may try hiring an employee for particular item who will guide the crowd by providing less but suitable options. This will create a confidence among the customers for their purchase. Great service is one thing, combining it with a novel and memorable experience is another.

Lure customers with loyalty programs

Loyalty programs encourage customers to continue to shop or use the services provided by retailers. These are actually marketing strategies which are used to implement a strong program where clients get incentive for choosing your brand over other in form of points or rewards.

You may also provide brand memberships or other reward programs like exclusive deals which will make clients get inclined towards your brand.

You might even conduct events where your customers get invited; like some kind of donations for certain purchases.

Corporate social responsibility activities

Speaking of the above mentioned activity, corporate social responsibilities events have positive effects on consumer’s loyalty and purchasing behavior. This not only helps to make world a better place but you can also improve the brand value of your items.

You may conduct events for providing scholarships to students or pledge to donate some portion of your sale to some organization. This will attract more customers as they will happily enjoy their shopping and will be content with it because this will provide an ethical edge to their shopping experience. So explore your CSR options, and implement a program that makes sense for your business.