When we talk about customers the first question arises how well know them? Do you think you can answer all questions correctly if asked about their choices? To avoid misunderstanding your valued customers consider the following methods to set things straight.

Needless to say, you would like to think that you understand your customer but that is not the case always. The misapprehensions are given below which many people are not even aware about.

No complaints doesn’t mean customers are satisfied

One of the biggest and wrong assumption retailers make, if they don’t receive any complaints from customer’s side means they are satisfied with the service. Retailers need to keep in mind that not all dissatisfied customers complaint or show their disagreement. This is because they think companies won’t fix their problems because of the hassles it will create. To avoid all of the above work on the shortcomings of your store and strive to improve the services offered to customers.

Offer space to customer to voice their complaints by opening support centers in your store. Cover all the mediums of support centers like social media, live chat etc. Show to customers by following up that you care about their feedbacks to earn their trust and allow them to communicate comfortably with you.

Gaps in views of in-store experiences

Retailer generally think providing more advanced techniques to customers will lure them into their stores. On the contrary customers care more about traditional values like the behavior of the staff, ease to find items in store and satisfactory selection of items.

This shows the contradiction between the views of retailers and customers. No wonder state of the art facilities and techniques are loved by customers but compromising on the basic things will not help you in attracting and retaining the customers. Try to work on offering discounts, support in product selection and jovial staff and then adopt all the latest techniques. When you adopt something new in your store make sure it helps your customers in their shopping experience.

Customer service should be of good quality rather than just fast service

Its quiet obvious that people today are very busy and want things to be done quickly but the same is not the case for customer service. Because speed can’t outrank the quality of service and attitude of the professionals handling them. People remember the product knowledge and sincerity of the staff handling them.

Try to get at the bottom of the issue when dealing with customers and don’t just try to dodge it. As they can differentiate a genuinely working with somebody who just wants to get things done. So focus on reassuring them with your service.

Social Media: A medium to receive customer service or interaction with brands to get deals and rewards

The main reason people use social media as a medium of shopping is to get deal, rewards and special content which is in contradiction to what retailers feel. Customer service is important when dealing with customers on digital medium but focus on what actually a customer wants. Appoint a manager to answer all the feedbacks given by customers but it should not be the sole aim of your staff.

Try to engage them in offering quality content and deals to your brand’s followers.

Keys to link retailers and customers

We showed you a glimpse of the scenario which take place in everyday life of retailers and customers. But these were just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more wrong assumptions made by retailers about customers. To solve the issue from its root you need to communicate with your customers to understand them better. To do the same you can conduct:


You can conduct surveys and ask your customers to participate so they can evaluate your products, services and other aspects. This will help you to take things step further and show to customers that you care about their feedbacks and work on it.


You can even conduct events to establish a bond with your customers. This way you will be able to gain insight about them.

Social media

Social media is a great media to pay attention to what customers want. Pay attention to what they are posting and tweeting about and take action accordingly.